Metrics and Usage Statistics

This page provides an overview of metrics related to OpenTopography data holdings, usage, and systems. In most cases, metrics displayed on the pages linked below are updated in realtime.

Data Usage:

image Point Cloud and DEM Download Statistics
Provides real time statistics on total number of standard DEM downloads as well as point cloud jobs run and returns downloaded/processed.

Data Volume:

image Point Cloud Data Sets Summary
A summary of the total number of LiDAR points hosted by OpenTopography and their size, broken down by data set.

System Status and Load:

image OpenTopography Point Cloud Access and Processing System Dashboard
Real time snapshot of the load on the OpenTopography LiDAR point cloud access and processing system, including number of jobs executed per day and currently running, average daily execution time, and loads on individual servers within the system.
image OpenTopography INCA Monitoring Service
INCA provides provides user-level Grid monitoring of OpenTopography services and hardware with periodic, automated testing of the software and services to monitor system health and liveness.