Contribute a Tool

The OpenTopography Tool Registry supports tools ranging from source code to full-featured software applications, and is designed to be a user-populated metadata catalog. Any registered OpenTopography user can contribute a resource to the registry. Upon submission, a contributed tool will be verified and approved by an OpenTopography team member before appearing in the registry. We encourage contributions of tools oriented towards high-resolution topographic (e.g. airborne and terrestrial lidar) and bathymetric data - both point clouds and raster data types. Although primarily motivated by and oriented towards tools being developed in the academic and/or open source communities, we also welcome registration of commercial software that could be of interest to OpenTopography users.

Contribute Data

The OpenTopography Community Dataspace allows users who are producing small to moderate sized topographic datasets (with technologies such as lidar and photogrammetry) to archive their data with OpenTopography via a simple drag and drop user interface. This feature is designed to support data publication and citation, academic data reuse, and educational applications. Each submission is reviewed by OpenTopography staff and approved on a case-by-case basis. Datasets in the OT Dataspace receive a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) are are displayed on the OpenTopography Find Data page so they are discoverable and downloadable alongside data hosted by OpenTopography. The Dataspace is meant to complement standard OpenTopography data hosting for larger datasets produced by our data provider partners. If you have a larger dataset that you'd like to host with OpenTopography please contact us.