Acknowledging OpenTopography and Hosted Data

NSF policy stipulates grantee responsibility for assuring acknowledgment of material based on or developed with NSF support in any publication, including web pages. In addition, NSF requires oral acknowledgment during all news media interviews. In some cases, the grants or funding sources of OpenTopography community members or other data providers must also be cited or the disclaimer is also required - please see below for information on how to acknowledge data hosted by OpenTopography. Your acknowledgment of OpenTopography support also provides a measure of OpenTopography's success and will help to ensure continued funding.

OpenTopography Acknowledgment

This material is based on [data, processing] services provided by the OpenTopography Facility with support from the National Science Foundation under NSF Award Numbers 1557484, 1557319 & 1557330

Data Provider Acknowledgment

OpenTopography hosts datasets that have been collected by many research, governmental, and non-profit organizations funded by a variety of sources. The data user bears sole responsibility for recognizing the role of the data provider through co-authorship, citation, sponsor acknowledgement, and/or attribution, as appropriate and consistent with professional standards and sponsor requirements. OpenTopography provides dataset acknowledgement language specific to each hosted dataset. This language is composed by the data provider can be found on the dataset access page and through the dataset’s metadata. OpenTopography also provides a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for each hosted dataset as a means to facilitate data citation. Inclusion of the dataset’s DOI in your data citation or acknowledgement ensures that the dataset can be accessed and reused, data impact can be tracked, and that data producers and collectors are recognized.