Terms of Use

Data obtained from the OpenTopography Facility are free of all copyright restrictions and made fully and freely available for both non-commercial and commercial use. Users of the data should attribute the source of the data as well as OpenTopography for providing access to those data. Instructions for acknowledging OpenTopography and the data we host can be found on the Citing OpenTopography and Hosted Data page.

Text can only be reprinted with permission, with attribution, and without the right to manipulate or change its content. To request permission, please contact info@opentopography.org.

All other articles and text on the OpenTopography site are copyrighted. Permission to use these materials may be requested by contacting info@opentopography.org.


OpenTopography makes no guarantee of the quality, reliability, usability, availability, or suitability of any OpenTopography data for any particular purpose. OpenTopography data should not be used for any life-critical functions. Users assume all risks and liabilities, direct or indirect, associated with any use of OpenTopography data.