The OpenTopography team consists of staff from the Advanced CyberInfrastructure Development (ACID) group at the San Diego Supercomputer Center at UCSD, EarthScope Consortium (formerly UNAVCO), and the Active Tectonics, Quantitative Structural Geology and Geomorphology group at Arizona State University. OpenTopography also receives guidance from two advisory committees: a six member research and education advisory committee composed of a diverse group of researchers and a sustainability advisory committee comprised of representatives from the industry and government.


NandigamViswanath Nandigam
PI; Director of CyberInfrastructure
SDSC, UC San Diego
vnandigam (at)

Vishu Nandigam is the project PI and chief software architect for the OpenTopography Facility. He is the director of the Advanced CyberInfrastructure Development lab at the San Diego Supercomputer Center at UCSD where he works on several data intensive cyberInfrastructure projects. He has been involved with the development of OpenTopography since its inception. His research interests include scientific data acquisition and management, data intensive application development, parallel and federated database systems and information integration.


Christopher Crosby
Co-PI; Director of Operations and Strategy
EarthScope Consortium
chris.crosby (at)

Chris Crosby manages day-to-day operations of the OpenTopography Facility. Trained as a geologist, he has worked on paleoseismology, earthquake geology, and active tectonics research in the western US, Caribbean, and Central Asia. He is interested in utilization of cyberinfrastructure to manage and improve access to earth science data and processing tools. Chris is an expert in the management, distribution, processing, and application of high-resolution topography acquired via lidar and has guided the development of OpenTopography since its inception. In addition to his work on OpenTopography, Chris also manages Geodetic Imaging (Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS), photogrammetry, and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)) at the EarthScope Consortium.


Chelsea ScottChelsea Scott
Co-PI; Director of Remote Sensing and Community Outreach
cpscott1 (at)

Chelsea Scott serves an Assistant Research Professor at Arizona State University. She conducts research in active tectonics, geophysics, and structural geology with study areas in the western US, Japan and South America. She is particularly interested in developing topographic differencing techniques to image near-fault surface deformation. Scott earned her Ph.D. from Cornell University where her doctoral research focused on using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery to constrain coseismic surface deformation.


RamonJ Ramon Arrowsmith
Co-PI; Director of Science and Governance
ramon.arrowsmith (at)

Ramon Arrowsmith is a Professor of Geology at Arizona State University, and conducts research in active tectonics, quantitative structural geology, and geomorphology. These include paleoseismology, earthquake geology, theoretical studies of faulting and hillslope development, and Quaternary Geology and desert surface processes. Active areas of geographic concentration include the San Andreas Fault system, Arizona, central Asia, Xinjiang China, Baja California, and the Afar region of Ethiopia (for the geologic context of paleoanthropologic studies). He was an original PI on the GEON project and pushed early prototype development of the GEON Lidar Workflow, the predecessor to OpenTopography.



Matt BeckleyMatt Beckley
Data Engineer
EarthScope Consortium
matt.beckley (at)

Matt Beckley is a data engineer with OpenTopography who assists with data ingestion, scripting, and overall user support. He has a background in geology and GIS, and has extensive experience in programming, data analysis, and data management. Matt was previously at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center working with satellite and high altitude lidar missions. As part of his time at NASA he helped manage flight planning, weather prediction, and data analysis for airborne lidar missions over the Arctic and Antarctic.


Cassandra BrighamCassandra Brigham

Arizona State University
cabrigha (at)



KayaKate Kaya
Cloud Specialist
SDSC, UC San Diego
kate (at)



LinKai Lin
Senior Research Programmer
SDSC, UC San Diego
klin (at)

Dr. Lin is a researcher in the advanced cyberinfrastructure development group at the San Diego Supercomputer Center. He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California, San Diego. Dr. Lin’s current research interests include databases, data management, cyberinfrastructure, geoinformatics, and software engineering.


MinhMinh Phan
Software Developer
SDSC, UC San Diego

Minh Phan is a software developer for the OpenTopography Project. Minh specializes in web and database related development, and is also interested in software engineering. He has been involved in several Cyberinfrastructure projects including Webshaker (2000-2002), Health Monitoring of Highway Bridges and Civil Infrastructure (2002-2007), NEESit: Network Earthquake Engineering Simulation Cyber Infrastructure (2007-2010).


Emily Zawacki Emily Zawacki
Science Communication Associate
EarthScope Consortium
emily.zawacki (at)

Emily Zawacki is a Science Communication Associate at EarthScope Consortium working for OpenTopography on communications, education, and outreach activities. Zawacki earned her M.S. and Ph.D. in Geological Sciences from Arizona State University.


Past Team Members

Chaitan Baru - Past PI

Benjamin Gross - Data Engineer

Emily Kleber - Geospatial Data Specialist

Matt Lancaster - Data Engineer

Sriram Krishnan PhD - SOA Lead Architect

Newton Alex - Programmer

Efrat Jaeger Frank - Lead Software Developer

Charles Cowart - Programmer Analyst

Jeffery Conner - Software Developer

Alana Williams - Graduate Researcher, ASU

Nathaniel Quinn - Intern, 2021

Cole Speed - Intern, 2022

Kenneth Larrieu - Intern, 2022