Getting Started

Search for Data

- Discover and access high resolution topography datasets via the Find Topography Data map interface.

- View a listing of available high resolution topography datasets available via OpenTopography along with detailed metadata information.

Tools Registry

The OpenTopography Tool Registry provides a community populated clearinghouse of software, utilities, and tools oriented towards high-resolution topography data (e.g. collected with lidar technology) handling, processing, and analysis.


Education and Training

View a list of past workshops and short courses that include all training materials - exercises/demos, tutorials, sample data - for GIS, lidar, structure from motion, etc.

Lidar Basics

Video from NEON on how lidar remote sensing works. Also refer to this excellent resource from on more basic information on lidar and its many applications. LiDAR-Illuminating Earthquake Hazards. A video from OpenTopography and the Southern California Earthquake Center that provides an introduction to both lidar technology as well as the earthquake science that is being done with the data.

OpenTopography Basics

OpenTopography Tutorial: Accessing and Downloading Global Topographic Data (ALOS World 3D (AW3D30) and Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) 30m and 90m datasets).
OpenTopography Tutorial: Downloading High Resolution Topographic Imagery for Google Earth
OpenTopography Tutorial: How to produce DEMs and hillshade in kmz and other formats
Accessing Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) DEM data from OpenTopography

Downloading OpenTopography DEM Global Coverage to ArcGIS from stephen metts.

Using OpenTopography Data in ArcGIS YouTube playlist for video tutorials for using data and data products downloaded from OpenTopography in ArcGIS.