Imaging and Analyzing Southern California’s Active Faults with High-Resolution Lidar Topography

October 24 and 25, 2011 @ University of California, Davis

Supported by:

Southern California Earthquake Center, UC Davis KeckCAVES, and OpenTopography


Christopher Crosby, San Diego Supercomputer Center

Mike Oskin, UC Davis

J Ramon Arrowsmith, Arizona State University


Campus Map  |  SMF to Hallmark Inn  |  SMF to Hyatt  |  Visitor Parking  |  Computer Notes

Course Announcement

Draft Agenda



Ex 1: Basic visualization of LiDAR Digital Elevation Models using ArcGIS  |  Video Tutorials

Ex 2: Extracting Information from DEMs in ArcMap  |  Basic Landscape Morphometry  |  Video Tutorials

Ex 3: Fault Zone Mapping with Differential Lidar

Ex 4: No tutorial - exploration of OpenTopography web-based tools

Ex 5: LiDAR Viewer Tutorial

Ex 6: No tutorial - KeckCAVES demo

Ex 7: LaDicaoz User Manual  |  LaDicaoz Movies and Software


Ex. 1: Exercise 1 Data

Ex. 7: LaDicaoz Sample Data