OpenTopography at the 2019 American Geophysical Union Meeting

Dec 7, 2019

Connect with OpenTopography at the 2019 American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco, CA! OpenTopography will be in booth #311 on "NSF Street" in the exhibit hall. The booth is shared with the National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping (NCALM). Our booth is staffed by the OpenTopography team and community members, and is a great chance to ask questions, provide feedback, or to discuss lidar, high resolution topography, and cyberinfrastructure.

Stop by the booth to see the latest in OpenTopography:

  • The OpenTopography Community Dataspace: Come learn how you can upload, archive, and publish point and raster data products produced from small aerial and terrestrial lidar and photogrammetry surveys. In the past year we've added 50 new datasets to the CDS.
  • Web-based topographic differencing: Launched at AGU 2018, vertical topographic differencing (i.e., subtraction of DEMs) through the OpenTopography web interface has now been expanded to over 40 dataset pairs. See this blog post for examples of on-demand differencing results.
  • New data: In the past year we've added ~75 new datasets covering thousands of square kilometers on several continents.
  • OpenAltimetry: Funded by NASA and built by the OpenTopography team in collaboration with Scripps and the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSDIC), OpenAltimetry is a platform that allows users to quickly discover, visualize, and download data from the ICESat/GLAS and ICESat-2/ATLAS lidar satellite missions.

We'll also be giving away the popular I heart lidar stickers, as well as a new generation of OpenTopography logo stickers, and bookmarks. Please stop by and say hi!



OpenTopography-Related Presentations:

Khalsa et al.: IN11D-0690 - Rapid Visualization and Analysis of ICESat-2 Data using an Intuitive GUI and JupyterHub Notebooks. Monday, 9 December 2019, 08:00 - 12:20, Moscone South - Poster Hall

Steiker et al.: C22D-01 - Advanced Discovery, Visualization, and Access of the Cryosphere’s Changing Surface Height from NASA’s ICESat-2 Mission Using the OpenAltimetry Platform. Tuesday, 10 December 2019, Moscone South - eLightning Theater II

Hudnut et al: S31F-0466 - Airborne Lidar and Electro-Optical Imagery Along Surface Ruptures of the 2019 Ridgecrest Earthquake Sequence, Southern California. Wednesday, 11 December 2019, 08:00 - 12:20, Moscone South - Poster Hall

Scott et al: T51B-06 - On-Demand 3D topographic differencing hosted by OpenTopography. Friday, 13 December 2019, 09:15 - 09:30, Moscone South - 155, Upper Mezz.

    Exhibit hall hours are: Monday, 10 December, 6:00 P.M.-8:00 P.M. (Ice Breaker Reception) Tuesday-Thursday, 11-13 December, 9:30 A.M.–5:00 P.M. Friday, 14 December, 9:30 A.M.–1:30 P.M.

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