Registration now open for spring OpenTopography short courses in Montana and Utah

Jan 21, 2020

OpenTopography will be teaching high resolution topography (HRT) short courses this spring (April and May) in conjunction with meetings in Montana and Utah:

Lidar Data Analysis Applications in Water Resources, Natural Hazards, and Forestry
April 6-7, 2020, Missoula, Montana. Offered as part of the 2020 Big Sky GeoCon

Workshop Description:
This two day course will provide an introduction to lidar data (point cloud and raster derivatives), processing, and analysis, with an emphasis on applications in water resources, natural hazards, and forestry. Day 1 will cover lidar technology and high resolution topographic (HRT) data with a focus on point cloud data visualization and processing. Day 2 will continue with lidar data processing and progress into data analysis approaches. We'll conclude with an individual or small group project in the afternoon. The short course will be valuable for geologists, engineers, water resource scientists, foresters, state agency employees, students, and others involved in analyzing geologic hazards, water resources, and forestry using lidar.

Instructors: Christopher Crosby (UNAVCO) & Ramon Arrowsmith (ASU)

Registration for the 2020 Big Sky GeoCon is open now:

Big Sky GeoCon

May 6-7, 2020, Provo, Utah at the 2020 Rocky Mountain Section meeting of the Geological Society of America:

SC 1. Introduction to High Resolution Topography (Lidar and Structure from Motion).

Workshop Description:
This one day course is designed for people looking to utilize high resolution topography (HRT). Students will be introduced to what HRT is, where to obtain it, and some of the myriad of applications of it in the geosciences. The basics of point clouds, digital elevation models (DEMs) and their various manifestations (e.g., DSMs and DTMs), and an overview of the methods to acquire them such as lidar and Structure-from-Motion (SfM) from UAS, will be covered. Hands-on work with data will be emphasized, and while basic knowledge of GIS software will be helpful, no prior knowledge of HRT is needed by attendees.

SC 2. Introduction to Acquisition and Manipulation of High Resolution Topography Point Clouds.

Workshop Description:
This one day course is designed for students with a basic background in HRT, and who are interested in acquiring their own data and/or manipulating point clouds HRT data. Attendees will generate a point cloud from photographs using Structure-from-Motion (SfM), compare and contrast with lidar point clouds, work with basic point cloud interrogation tools, and be introduced to topographic change detection methods. Hands-on work with data will be emphasized, and basic knowledge of SfM and lidar will be expected (for example from the associated short course ‘Introduction to High Resolution Topography’ on the day prior or other activities).

Instructors for both days: Christopher Crosby, UNAVCO/OpenTopography; Michael Bunds, Utah Valley University; Mathew Beckley, UNAVCO/OpenTopography; Nathan Toke, Utah Valley University.

(NOTE:The two courses above are designed to be taken in sequence, but based on your experience and level of interest we also welcome single day participants as well.)

Registration is open now - see the Rocky Mountain GSA website for details.